The Hearth Source

Also known as The Quilted Embrace and the Gaia Swaddler, The Hearth Source is a nurturing deity worshipped by Halflings the world-over. Her followers are most connected to her when at home, swaddled in blankets beside the fireplace as they drift off to sleep.

She favors safety and the comforts of home. Halflings who venture outside of their small, secluded communities do so for the sake of obtaining items to the coziness of their burrows. Halflings who seek to acquire riches for other reasons have gone off the path of the Hearth Source.

Physical contact is sacred for followers of the Hearth Source. Once a practitioner snuggles with another being, they become instantly bonded. If you swaddle and coo a Hearth Source worshiper, s/he enters a trance state that is both highly suggestive and highly functional.

Nudity is not frowned upon by The Hearth Source. Often it’s encouraged.

The Hearth Source

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