PC Graveyard

For every adventurer who lives to become a legend, a hundred will die nameless and unknown.

Ethore Dissolved by acidic slime / Doused with oil and set on fire by his companions. (Session 1)

Promoted Henchman – Name unremembered. Died in Session 1

Noid Fell down a hole and impaled on spikes. (Session 4)

Shoshana Zizzifrix Squished by a giant stone hand when she gave an incorrect answer to its question. (Session 4)

Farley Beaten to death by an enormous four-armed lizard man. (Session 4)

Fenton and Beezus – Speared by fur-covered goblinoid creatures in the fields north of Kaladon. (Session 6)

Expertise – Run through by a guard while escaping the dungeon beneath the Oakleaf Tower. (Session 7)

PC Graveyard

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