The Black Dragons Kaladon’s city guards.

The Black River Treaty The military alliance formed a century ago between the Dwarves of Stonehome, the Shriekwood Elves, and the Knights of God-Emperor in response to the Hated Horde.

The Crookedwing Clan One of the eight clans of elves in the Shriekwood, notable for their intense dislike of the humans of Kaladon.

House of Knowledge A private library in Kaladon where scholars will conduct research for a price.

House Trenton Mining A mining company based in Kaladon. They control most of the mining rights for the Greyfang Mountains.

Kaladon City Council A small group appointed by the Mayor-King who oversee the city’s governance.

The New Blades Allegedly, a gang of criminals in Kaladon committed to gaining power through violence and terror.

The Skyclimber Clan One of the eight clans of elves in the Shriekwood. They tend to be more moderate than some of their brethren when it comes to humans. They have especially close ties with the Church of the Keeper in Kaladon.

Society of the Stars and Moon A club whose members are interested in the arcane arts.

Storm Company A band of mercenaries.


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