Die in Battle, Do Us Proud

Session 1: The Ruined Mansion

A band of adventurers came together in a tavern in the city-state of Kaladon. They were:

An aging elf called Perrin Featherly approached them. He told them how, centuries before humans came to the region, the Shriekwood elves had fought a war against a sorcerer called The Wizard with the Silver Face. In battle, the wizard struck down the Elfqueen and took from her body the Oakleaf Crown, a symbol of power of her people. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared without warning, and neither he nor the crown were ever seen again.

Perrin then explained that he believed he had discovered the location of the mansion of the Wizard with the Silver Face. He wished to hire the adventurers to venture into the Shriekwood to where he believed the mansion’s ruins stood and, if it could be found, to retrieve the Oakleaf Crown. They agreed to perform this task for 100 gold pieces, with a 50% advance.

With henchmen and hirelings in tow, the adventurers set out to the Shriekwood, following the directions that Featherly had given them. They reached the ruined mansion by noon. Initial explorations revealed it to be the home of a harpy, a tribe of goblins, and various other monsters. They also discovered signs that a third party was inside the ruins, killing goblins with a sling.

A puddle of living acid dissolved Ethore. Goblin warriors slaughtered all but one of the party’s employees and rendered Clode Cavernesse unconscious. The adventurers crept back the way they came and returned to Kaladon to recuperate and reassess.


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