Die in Battle, Do Us Proud

Sessions 16-19: The Old Miner

The adventurers are hired by Oglevee the Learned to investigate a map that he discovered while cleaning out old files at the House of Questions. They headed out there and discovered an ancient dwarf temple to the demon deity The Old Miner. When they asked a dwarf at the mining camp about the temple, he said it was a reminder of dwarven shame and should be left alone but intact. The place was crawling with extremely well-preserved zombies and coated in a strange purple smoke. Here’s some stuff they found:

1) A series of rooms whose walls were built of runes describing the life of a dwarven conqueror called Mar-Run.

2) A fire-breathing worm.

3) A creature that shifted shapes so quickly that it was almost impossible to look at.

4) A dwarf priest, deep in meditation.

5) A fire-pit containing three football-sized seeds that were smoldering, giving off the purple smoke.

6) A barbershop.

7) A bunch of murals depicting all sorts of crap.

8) A golden hammer & pick set upon an altar, and a meteor that showed signs of having been beat upon.

9) A library full of books made out of stone.

The adventurers reported back to Oglevee and collected their reward, visited the Keeper’s Temple and met a very scrawny lady who made Chlamydia stop glowing and losing life force on the daily, donated 900 gp to the temple, and visited the Society of the Stars and Moons who were interested to find out that a sneaky member of theirs was found dead in a cave in Littlefang Mountain and may be in touch regarding purple smoke and what it’s all about. Then the party headed back to the temple. They dragged all the dwarf zombies out into the light of day and set them on fire so that they could explore further without constantly finding themselves set upon. They took one stone book each, and transcribed them, and then traveled back to Kaladon to try to sell them to Oglevee.



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