Die in Battle, Do Us Proud

Session 9: The Amber Spotlight

Neptu, Alastair, and Marley rode hard back to Kaladon and rejoined their companions in the common room at the King’s Blade Hotel. As they described the past week’s adventures and misadventures, they were approached by a priestess and chronic eavesdropper called Chlamydia. She had opinions about the adventurers’ various quests, as well as a desire to enlist. The party is more or less a meat grinder at this point, and fresh meat is always needed, so they happily signed her up.

Marley needed a few days to recuperate from the injuries he suffered in the orc cave. The party used that time to get in touch with The Bald Man, their contact in the Thieves’ Guild, who owed them a favor. They asked him to use his resources to rescue King Carufil from the Oakleaf Tower, which he agreed to do. He would offer Carufil sanctuary within the city for one week, after which The Bald Man would consider his debt to the party repaid. This sounded fine for everyone.

Before leaving town, they checked in with Perrin Featherly. He was glad that steps were being taken to save his nephew’s life, though he was nervous about the consequences of seeking the aid of an organization like the Thieves’ Guild.

They chartered a boat which led them up to the Trenton Mining Camp, now abandoned. They convinced the boat’s captain to wait for them for one week, and then headed up into the mountains, where the orc temple waited.

Inside, they slaughtered many orc priests as they ventured from room to room. Eventually, they came upon a wide stone pedestal whose surface was made from an amber-like crystalline substance. A hole in the ceiling directly above it looked up into the night sky. This, they decided, must be the priests’ signalling device, and it must be destroyed. Invoking The Keeper, Neptu raised her mace high above her head and brought it down on the smooth yellow surface. It exploded in a flash of searing white light that left several members of the party temporarily blinded.

Further exploration of the temple led to the discovery of:

  • A suit of plate armor that at first appeared to be high quality, but upon further examination turned out to be made of polished tin
  • The orcs’ living quarters, empty
  • An enormous humanoid creature trapped behind bars (who they accidentally released, and then deliberately killed)
  • A wooden chest full of valuable jewelry

Pouches bulging with rings and necklaces, they crept back out into the night.



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