Die in Battle, Do Us Proud

Session 15: Tug-o-War

Brick decided it was his turn to get a taste of what Kaladon’s nightlife had to offer. After many, many beers and a meaningless kerfuffle with the Black Dragons, he found himself in the City Dungeon. Cue sad trombone noise.

The next morning, the rest of the party waited around the King’s Blade Hotel for him to show up. When he didn’t, they went to a meeting with Captain Herred Guy and the chief engineer of Kaladon’s war machines, whom they consulted and eventually hired to build a ballista, a miniature catapult, and a few oversized bear traps. Once their business was concluded, Herrod informed them of Brick’s fate. They visited him in prison, where they learned he’d earned a one-week stint for punching cop. Alastair Finch bribed a guard to look after him. The free members of the party then scoured the city’s taverns and inns in search of hirelings who could operate their heavy duty weaponry.

While waiting out his sentence, Brick met another prisoner whose body was a tangle of piercings, tattoos, and ritual scarification. This prisoner informed him that he had died and been resurrected several times. In the fields east of The Bottoms, there was a temple of the god Agalloch, most feared of the Blood-Thousand, where they could raise the dead, and he encouraged Brick to head out that way should anyone he cared about ever die.

When Brick was finally released, and a sizable crew hired, the party headed out towards Lake Trouble. While passing through the Shriekwood, they came across a wrecked, abandoned, and torched wagon caravan. They gave it a wide birth.

At the lake, they spent several days searching for and attempting to summon the elusive hydra. Finally, a goat was set upon a raft rigged with a bear trap and floated out onto the lake. It took some time, but their quarry finally appeared. They skewered it with a harpoon (maybe? I don’t exactly remember how this played out), and working together, managed to haul it ashore. There, it was easy to dispatch. They removed some heads and returned to Knucklehead to settle their debts.

In Kaladon, the priest and Lonus Trumble were impressed with their accomplishments. It was agreed that the party had done as they had promised, and were absolved of their wrongdoing. Junior brought up the subject of a military treaty between Knucklehead and Kaladon, which caused some confusion because Knucklehead had no military to speak of, and Junior was not a member of government. After some blank stares, the topic was dropped and the party headed back to Kaladon.



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