Die in Battle, Do Us Proud

Session 14: Held Accountable

In the camps outside of the wrecked village of Knucklehead, a priest worked the survivors of the hydra attack into a frenzy. The adventurers were to be blamed, he claimed, and must be punished. While Lonus Trumble tried to calm the angry crowd, the heroes crept off into the swamp to return to Kaladon. The next morning, they discovered that they had been followed by the priest and several armed halflings. Rather than engage them in violence, they reached an agreement: If the adventurers slayed the hydra, they would be absolved of any responsibility they had in unleashing it upon the the village.

That night, they shared their camp with the kobolds they’d met recently. A good time was had by all. The next morning, they returned to the underground lake where they had first encountered the hydra. Extended experimentation in the chamber that controlled both the magnetized plate and the gate confirmed that, yes, they had set the hydra free.

They returned to Kaladon and spent some money and time at the House of Knowledge, learning all that they could about hydras. The most important piece of information gleaned was that they would need to remove all of the hydra’s heads in order to kill it.



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