Die in Battle, Do Us Proud

Session 10: Littlefang

Satisfied that the destruction of the Amber Spotlight constituted an end to the orc threat in the Greyfang Mountains, Minister Ithelm Rookhill paid the party their promised 100 gold apiece, and the Trenton Mining Company sent men out to reestablish their camp in the foothills.

Carufil Featherly was liberated from the Oakleaf Tower by the Thieves’ Guild and returned to the city. He stayed in the safe house for a few days, and then went to live with his uncle, Perrin Featherly.

The party spent a week selling their loot, resupplying themselves, and healing up. Then they went to meet the former king of the elves. When they arrived, he was engaged in a fierce debate with Perrin, a debate which the adventurers were invited to weigh in on. Carufil wished to take control of the Featherly Clan and go to war against Analen Crookedwing and the Oakleaf Tower in an attempt to regain his throne. Perrin felt that because Carufil had been deposed legally, it made more sense for him to accept his new lot in life, and that peace between Kaladon and the elves should be achieved through diplomatic means. The adventurers agreed with Perrin, at least for the time being. This appeared to bum the hell out of the would-be king.

With no pressing business for the first time in a while, the party decided to seek out the secret library they’d heard about on Littlefang Mountain. After a morning of exploring the mountain’s forest, they happened upon a cave with some strange footprints around the mouth, and decided to venture inside. In the caves, they found:

  • A less-than-stable rope bridge
  • A small, deep hole in the wall, its sides covered with some sort of reddish fungus
  • A skeleton covered with red mushrooms that burst into clouds of spores when disturbed
  • A pile of bones at the bottom of a chimney
  • A corpse, a week dead, who carried a corn-cob pipe and a sheet of paper with the following text underlined: By breathing deep of the purple smoke, The Deer Wizard was able to enter the spaces between the worlds.
  • Some enormous rats
  • A huge spider
  • A small band of troglodytes, who kept an enormous stash of treasure in their lair, including three items of special note: a sword engraved with an image of a person burning at the stake, a battle-ax etched with dwarf symbols of royalty, and a pair of gauntlets, each with an ogre’s face drawn upon it.

Packs heavy with loot, the party headed back down the mountain into the city. While Brick and Marley turned in early after the exhausting day, Junior, Alastair Finch, and Chlamydia decided it was time to hit the clubs.



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